SnowCrew FAQs

Why do I want to join SnowSOS?

We are the first app to cover your snow removal work with insurance while you plow or shovel for the jobs booked through the SnowSOS app. You bring your plow and snow removal equipment, we bring the customers and the insurance coverage. We provide coverage for property damage and third-party injury on the job up to $100,000 and bodily injury to a third-party up to $5,000 for 24 hours after you have completed the job. Get the app and get started.

Don’t I already have coverage?

If you are plowing or shoveling and you only have a personal Auto policy, most likely you do not. Most personal auto policies have an exclusion that takes effect when you lower your plow.

How much do I pay for the service?

Unlike insurance policies you'll find in the market, you pay nothing out of pocket to join and get coverage with SnowSOS. We collect a 25% charge plus applicable taxes on each job. This appears as a seperate line item in the job summary so you always know what you will earn before you accept the job. In short, we don't make money unless you do. That's also why we are hard at work making sure the experience is positive for everyone and customers continue to book jobs.

How long will it take me to get paid?

Stripe is both the credit card processer and payout distributor to your account. It takes them 7 days to clear customer payments before funds are transferred to your account. It can take up to 48 hours for that transfer to be available in your account.

What happens if I have a claim?

Locate the job for which you need to enter a claim in the "Complete" section of the job status page of the app and tap "Add a Claim". Report all the informaiton regarding the claim and include pictures. In the event a claim is paid to the homeowner or business owner, you will be responsible for the first $250.

Can I change the pricing?

Snow removal jobs are currently booked by customers on a fixed pricing program meant to be robust enough for you to make money and get repeat business. You may add a charge to the job for a customer to approve before you start work. Be aware that the customer must accept this additional charge for it to be included in the total job fee. You also have the option to accept or decline a job in this step of the process.

Can I go around the app to plow for customers?

You can, but there will be no insurance coverage from SnowSOS for those jobs. If you already have a customer list and want to take advantage of the coverage offered through SnowSOS you can recommend to your clients that they download the app and book you when they need your services. Get the app to ensure you are covered.

Why do I have to add my banking information?

In short, that's how you get paid! SnowSOS Payouts via Stripe Our application/onboarding process enables you to enter your bank information directly to our secure financial processing partner, Stripe. (We don't see or keep your info). When customer credit card payments are processed through their system, it transfers your $$ directly to the account you provide.

Does SnowSOS handle permitting?

SnowSOS connects customers to snow removal providers in their area along with insurance while performing jobs sourced through the app. All plow operators can accept or decline jobs before doing the work and are responsible for their own awareness and adherence to local ordinances and permitting.

Customer FAQs

Why should I use SnowSOS?

Some snow removal providers are not covered by plow insurance and may not know it. SnowSOS is the first and only app to provide insurance coverage to our providers for the work they do on your property. Our SnowCrew is covered during work and after the job is completed for a full 24 hours! In the unlikely event that something is damaged or someone is injured during the snow removal process or after completion in the 24 hour period, our streamlined SnowSOS app makes it easy for you to report a claim from inside the app. To view terms and conditions visit the claim section of our app for details. Download the app today.

Can I hire someone outside the app?

Of course but most plow operators have an exclusion on their Auto policy that excludes coverage once they hook a plow onto their vehicle. If they hurt anyone or break anything it is not covered by that policy leaving you and your property at risk. Our SnowCrew has insurance coverage that is tailored to the work they are doing on your property. Download the app to hire a snow removal pro you can be confident has coverage.

How is the service charged?

We have a fixed cost pricing model that is fair based on your area. The SnowCrew may add charges to your snow removal job unique to your needs before the job begins. You may choose to accept or decline the charge. Keep in mind, the SnowCrew may also decline the job if they feel the charge should be accepted before they begin. If your job request is declined twice your request will be cancelled and a $5 charge will be incurred.

Can I or my kids join to be a member of the SnowCrew?

Yes, we are always looking for people at least 18 years old to join our crew. You must have your own equipment and at least 1 year of experience to plow. Just download the SnowCrew app and sign up.

If I have a claim what do I do?

Just locate the job for which you want to submit a claim in the "Completed" tab of your job status page in the app on your device. Tap the “Add a Claim” button, fill out the form, add pictures and our insurance crew will be in touch!

How do I hail a SnowCrew?

SnowSOS allows customers to create a snow removal request each time it snows with the requirements for the job. Choose a SnowCrew type (shoveler/plower), describe the driveway and/or walkway size/shape/surface/staked/unstaked, add services like additional shoveling areas or salt/sand, add pictures and special instructions like where to push snow. Review your job request with itemized costs, pay securely via credit card through Stripe, and the alert goes out to available SnowCrew providers in your area to take the job. Alerts keep you up-to-date on the status of your job and avilable two-way messaging or calling are available to communicate with your SnowCrew provider.

How long does it take for a plow/shoveler to come over?

Each job entered is subject to the availability of the SnowCrew providers in your area. They all will want to take your job but they must have their status set to available and not be on a current job. They can accept your job when they're free and you will be alerted when they do.

What happens if my job request for a plow isn't accepted?

You may live in an area where plowers are busy at the time you entered your request and they will claim it when they are available or your town may have special plow permitting requirements that prevent available plowers from accepting the job. In this case, try booking a shoveler to perform the work. You'll still get your snow cleared and benefit from the insurance coverage SnowSOS provides.



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